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I met ANN CAMMELL on the recommendation of a friend as I was interested in selling my condo in Mount Pleasant in Vancouver.

I found ANN to be very professional in my dealings with her, she made sure that I was cognisant of all aspects in selling a property, and since I had not been involved in the property market for more than 20 years, this was very helpful. Since my property was a strata, Ann was also knowledgeable and helpful in ensuring that strata rules and regulations were respected. I was not aware of ‘the staging aspect’ for Open Houses which is a bane for owners, but I respected Ann’s years of experience as a realtor. Ann keeps up to date with changes in the real estate market by taking professional development courses which shows that she values her profession and she is also willing to help newcomers in the field. I think her company is lucky to have such a dedicated professional in their workforce.

Mrs Megan Balmer

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